Goedkope Dedicated Server Hosting - Trending Servers

Goedkope Dedicated Server Hosting - Trending Servers

Goedkope Dedicated Server Hosting - Trending Servers

Goedkope Dedicated Server Hosting - Trending Servers

Goedkope Dedicated Server Hosting - Trending Servers
Goedkope Dedicated Server Hosting - Trending Servers

Dedicated Servers
Increased Reliability

Are you ready to get rid of your shared hosting?
We've got your back with our dedicated server solution.
Get the freedom and flexibility to grow without being affected by other sites on the same server.
Dedicated servers will increase your processing speed and reduce page load time.
Allowing for faster access to your site than with any type of shared web hosting
Because you are the only one on your server and enjoy autonomy, you can expect a higher level of performance and greater computing capacity.

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Unmanaged rootservers online in 24hrs

99.9% uptime guarantee

No minimum contract period
Cancellation period: 30 days
Payments by Paypal or Bank (Ideal)

Datacenter Security

24/7 Monitoring
Redundant Network
Network Availability min. 99%.

Unmanaged Dedicated Servers

I7 920 machines with DDR3 RAM
1 Dedicated IPv4 Address + IPv6 Subnet (/64)
20 TB Traffic / 1 GB Uplink / Full root access

Trending servers are located in Germany

Two datacenters provide an excellent and environmentally-friendly infrastructure for your Internet business.
Multi-redundant network connections to important Internet exchanges ensure fast website access
The most important benefits for this innovative type of infrastructure are summarized below:

  • Optimal power availability owing to redundant connections to the adjacent power station
  • Multiple high-speed fibre optic connections to Frankfurt and Nuremberg
  • Redundant layout of critical supply lines
  • Cost-effective establishment of air cooling and emergency power facilities
  • Over 100,000 square metres of buildable space
  • Low business tax
  • What our clients say

    I am using Trending for 2 months & I am very much impressed with the quality of service I am getting from this host. Most of my support tickets are replied within 15 minutes. Billing is so accurate and regular reminders help me renewing my account much before my due-dates.

    James Donohue

    We wish to congratulate your team and express our heartfelt appreciation for an excellent and professional service record.If we may add, we are extremely pleased and impressed with your prompt service accorded to us every time we have an urgent and demanding request.

    Damian Ward
    United Kingdom

    Thank you for giving us full "virtual" support since 2015 and I must apologize for the delay in complimenting your team on their excellent service during the last year. We have on various occasions received nice compliments of the great performance of our website. well thanks to your support.

    Sarah Tan

    You folks are absolutely amazing! Such attention to detail, care, kindness and professionalism. You have raised the bar of your industry! WOW! You really need to develop a reseller program, I have 172 affiliates that I will round up and bring em over! You have a fan in me! Thank you for being awesome upstream provider

    Chris Bradshaw
    New York

    Trending Values

    Craftsmanship: Trending is never a one-size-fits-all!
    Quality: Trending means attention to detail!
    Passion: Trending means done with love!
    Integrity: Trending is personal.
    Fun: Trending means playfulness and creativity.

    The same philosophy is applied to everything we do:
    from the way we choose our hardware
    the attention we put into our server architecture
    the innovation in our custom software solutions
    the inspiration we get from our partners
    and the friendship we build with our clients.

    Trending Support

    Support Tickets Answered within 24hrs


    Network uptime since 2015


    SLA - 1HR Support


    SLA - 30MIN Support


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